Video: Deeper's Ralph Backstrom and Ryland Bell Sled n' Shred Tahoe

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This is a video compilation of a couple days in the Tahoe backcountry this past week. With storm cycles finally stopping, only for the time being I hope, we did a little snowmobile accessed snowboarding and split boarding in the backcountry where the snow was deep and soft. Local legend Dave Hatchett was kind enough to show us a couple of his stashes, as well as do a little bit of filming. We camped one night in a bitter east wind, and were nervous that the face we were planning on riding (at the end of the movie) was going to be scoured. Lucky for us, the snow was mostly soft, however there was a bit of a crust in places. Unless anyone can tell us otherwise, we're giving Ryland credit for a 1st descent on "Shark Attack."

Filmed by: Ralph Backstrom, Ryland Bell, and Dave Hatchett, Edited by: Ralph Backstrom, Music by: Radiohead, I Might Be Wrong

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