Video: Dante's Peak, City Slickin' And Border Crossing - Brothers On The Run Episode 7

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In episode seven of Brothers On The Run, the boys rendezvous with Jeremy Jones to summit and shred Dante's Peak, the volcano in California that most of us were introduced to by Pierce Brosnan in 1997 – although the movie was filmed on a hillside in Idaho. Next stop, back in the Jacksons' home-town to see the family and surf some wake at Crowley Lake with ex-pro rider Tommy Czechin. While in Cali, might as well soak in a hot spring and do some trout-fishing before you're forced to enter the city and deal with super-official business matters and parking tickets. Fortunately, their for-charity custom pendant is finally complete, so John and Eric can rest-assured their favorite Nicaraguan orphanage, will benefit from this epic journey from Alaska to Chile. And at last, as promised long ago, they finally cross the border into Mexico, with surprisingly little trouble considering they're driving a SWAT truck.

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