Video: Chad Sayers and Tobin Seagel's A Skier's Journey Episode 1, Kashmir

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The first in a series of 3 ski-travel episodes (Ep2: La Grave - A Skier's Journey / Ep3: Freshfield Icefield - A Skier's Journey), skiers Chad Sayers and Tobin Seagel travel halfway around the world to Kashmir to ski the high altitude Gulmarg gondola, only to find the snow pack is a ticking time bomb. Never the less, they find safe areas to ski and discover the beauty of Kashmir and the Himalaya - its people and its landscape.

Presented by Gore-tex and

Production - Jordan Manley

Skiers - Chad Sayers & Tobin Seagel

Narration - Chad Sayers

Animation - Chad Manley

Music - "Ringa Ringa" by AR Rahman

"Tension Nai Laini" by Gurpreet Lally & Arshpreet

Special thanks to Anthony Bonello

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