Video: Brody Leven's California Powder Dream

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September 13, 2011

On Monday, Brody Leven dropped this point of view edit on the ski world and it was quickly devoured by the core Internet audience. To be honest, we're a bit late to the feast in terms of Internet time, where each Tweet equals about 10 light years. Still, as of the writing of this post, only 6,000 people have viewed it — not really that many. And actually, this video of Leven levitating through Tahoe powder is so good in terms of viral POV edits, that it should stand the test of real time. It deserves at least 6,000 more views. In a few months, when your itch to ski is even worse than it may be now, remember to hit up Leven's Vimeo page for another dose of the virtual deep and keep this California dream alive.

For a little re-cap of how things go viral within skiing's Internet sphere, read a post by Leven himself.

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