Video: Brett Rheeder's Groundwaves Featuring Ruben Alcantara

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It would be a lie to say that we aren’t constantly inspired by all forms of biking, whether it’s BMX, slopestyle, freeride, or even road. Last year, Brett Rheeder’s first Sony ActionCam Dream Capture episode, Airs and Alleys, was heavily inspired by a trip produced by BMX legend Ruben Alcantara where he placed portable ramps throughout an urban environment. This year, when we were presented with the opportunity to film with Ruben in his hometown of Malaga, Spain for Rheeder’s second Dream Capture episode, there was no chance we were turning it down.

Every single spot Ruben shared with us blew our minds. Whether dirt or concrete, there was no shortage of natural rideable transitions. Watching Rheeder and Ruben shred lines together was like watching surfers session a perfect break - everything seemed so effortless. It was a great reminder that at the end of the day we all just love to ride bikes. As Ruben would say... “It shouldn't matter what wheel size you're riding as long as you're having fun!"

We were all honoured to have the chance to film and ride with Ruben in such a stunning landscape. He is the true definition of style and class and we can’t thank him enough for his generous hospitality during our stay!

Photos by Harookz.

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