Video: Argentina - A Skier's Journey Season 2 Episode 3

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Argentina: A Skier's Journey Season 2 Episode 3 is a road trip through some of Argentina's lesser known ski locations, covering nearly 4000km down the windswept spine of the seemingly endless Andes mountain range. Chad Sayers, joined in part by local skier Maximilliano Artoni, explores desert and pampas, Cohiue and Auracaria, pumice and ash, cardboard and blower, sunshine and wind, granite spire and some bubbling agua termale.

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Producer: Jordan Manley
Narration: Chad Sayers & Maximilliano Artoni
Story editor: Chad Manley


Chad Sayers
Maximilliano Artoni
Jordan Manley (POV)

Many, many thanks to:

Maximilliano Artoni
Benjamin Dill & The Dill Family
David Owen at for his help route planning.
Mark Lassetter at
Sam Mcdonald at Surefoot Whistler


"La Luciernaga" by Tonolec
"Azules Turquesas" by Lisandro Aristimuno
"Elongo" Bedouin Soundclash
"Intervals of Form" by The Crash That Took Me
Courtesy of Audiosocket

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