Video: Alana Blanchard And Monyca Byrne-Wickey Surfing Hawaii

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Maybe I’ve got it all wrong. I guess I chose the wrong sport to be passionate about. Instead of skiing, maybe I should just be a surfer. When I watch this video of arguably the two hottest girls ever having fun slashing waves mostly naked, it makes me question my life choices. … Why am I a skier? Skiing is so expensive! It costs money to buy the equipment, to get to the hill, to stay in a hotel, to buy all the clothes, to buy the lift ticket, just to slide on the snow for a few hours and drink over-priced cocktails at the base area afterward. For surfing, all you need is a board and a bathing suit. What the hell am I doing with my life? …. Wait …. I work at TGR — skiing is mostly free for me. … And wait … I can go surfing on my own time. … Never mind. I’m crushing it. You’re blowing it. I’m calling Alana and Monyca right now, our surf edit will be dropping shortly. And next season, they’re coming to Jackson to snowboard. Things are looking up!

Editor's note: I posted this in May, but the video embed got screwed up and never played. I thought I deleted the post, but it never really deleted. Then a bunch of you clicked on it because the thumbnail is two girls wearing thongs. Who would have thought that you guys like girls? Anyway, here it is, again - er, for the first time. This video never gets old.

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