Video: Africa With Tim Dutton & Mattias Sullivan - Skiing The Continents Episode 3

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In February of 2010 we traveled from Chamonix, France to Marrakech, Morocco to chase down a lead on one of the only privet helicopters in North Africa. After weeks of emails and phone calls we got in touch with a French guy named Eddy who led us to the only privet helicopter company in Morocco. They had never taken anyone up into the High Atlas mountains but had been thinking about it for years. The helicopter company submitted all the paper work with the government so that we could fly in Moroccan airspace and ordered a basket to hold our skis.

Upon arriving we were taken aback by the amount of Muslim influence in the former French colony. Skiers, with our large ski bags and unkept appearance, are not a common site in Morocco. The majority of people in North Africa have never been skiing and many did not even know it was possible.

Conditions were firm but the experience was unbelievable. The High Atlas mountains of Morocco are now the only place in Africa with truly skiable terrain.

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