Vanlife has brought me to a higher state

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A 7 day storm that brought 7' of snow. One of my best weeks in the MFU.

There were many winters of 100+ days and life was good but the wallet was thin. It came time to pursue my career and that meant moving to the city and becoming a weekend warrior. This also meant having the extra cash to purchase a van.

It started out as a basic all wheel drive Chevy Express 2500. At first I didn't know how I was going to build it out but when I came across a wrecked VW Eurovan Winnebago on Craigslist the plan quickly came together. I purchased the pop top roof and all the camping parts. All the work has been done by myself and on the side of the road since I don't have a driveway here in Seattle.

The van was completely designed for winter parking lots. It's fully insulated, has a solid heater and can go a full week maintaining comfortable temps without starting the engine. I've now had countless powder days after crawling out of my slope side mobile fun unit, MFU. Building this van has truly taken me to a higher state.

After cutting the roof off there was no turning back.

Every split mission starts by crawling out of the MFU.

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