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Utah is well-known for its extreme sports community. The state has the goods and terrain for everything from rock climbing to hang gliding to mountain biking and even motocross. Athletes flock to the state for a taste of the landscape and to test their tenacity against some of the best. Whether you are looking to compete are want to get your blood pumping from the safety of the sidelines, Utah has something for you.

Mountain Biking

There are many types of mountain biking events and competitions throughout Utah all summer long. You can find racing events in every style from enduro to downhill. As a dynamic, multi-faceted sport, mountain biking comes in a variety of forms.

Enduro is a form of mountain bike racing that started in Europe. It involves using your bike to essentially climb a mountain and race to the bottom. Modern endure racing usually includes anywhere from three to six timed stages. Timed sections are typically downhill, and untimed or transfer stages are the uphill portions. Transfer stages may include pedaling, chair lifts, hiking your bike. Enduro is unique in that it combines elements of all racing disciplines.

Cross-country (XC) mountain biking is probably one of the most popular disciplines of the sport. It is the only mountain biking discipline to make it into the Olympics.

Competitions in all disciplines are held in various cities across the state. If you are visiting Utah in the summer, you will likely be able to find an event to attend with relative ease.

Adventure Racing

Adventure racing is a unique style of competition. It is a multidisciplinary team sport where competitors are expected to navigate an unmarked wilderness course. The stakes are high and races can last anywhere from two hours to two weeks. Disciplines might include mountain biking, paddling, trekking, abseiling, climbing, skiing, and white water rafting. Rules can vary from one event to the other but often times participants are not allowed to use GPS or motorized vehicles of any form.

Moab hosts a 50-mile adventure race called AXS Moab. The event includes over 30 miles of riding, six-plus miles of single track running, eight-plus miles of paddling, and a 300-foot rappel. Watching the teams work together to tackle the extreme courses is exciting and fun. Due to the extreme nature of these types of races, many participants may choose to visit a podiatrist Salt Lake City to make sure they are in tip-top shape before entry.

Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing gyms scatter Utah's landscape. Competitions abound, but the most notable is USA Climbing Bouldering Nationals often held in Salt Lake City. If you are interested in watching some extreme climbers tackle some outdoor terrain, consider seek out outdoor rock climbing competitions. These are a bit harder to find due to the nature of the sport and competition.

An exciting and unique event is Psicobloc Master Series, Spanish for "crazy bouldering", held at Utah Olympic Park. Climbers attempt to conquer intense routes positioned over deep bodies of water. Athletes free solo 50-foot walls overhanging the Olympic aerial pool. The deep-water pool acts as a safety net. Climbers that make a wrong move are cushioned by its watery depths. The event showcases world-class athletes and an exciting event to watch.

Nitro World Games

First held in 2016 in Salt Lake City, Nitro World Games is an international sports event. The event is the brainchild of Mike Porra, the creative director and CEO of the MTV show Nitro Circus. The competition includes skateboarding, bicycle motocross, freestyle motocross, scootering, and inline skating. Nitro World Games claims to have created an event with the goal of taking action sports to the next level. It is an incredible event to watch. Even as a spectator, adrenaline pumping action will have your heart racing even in the stands.

Extreme sports competitions are thrilling to watch. Humans are incredible creatures and Utah offers the perfect landscape to test the body.

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