Urban Assault On Alaska For The Dream Factory

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It's no secret that Alaska has been getting hammered by snow this Winter. Since December, Anchorage has been the site of multiple urban film and photo shoots.

TGR has visited AK on many film trips over the years to document big mountain riding. This year the team went on the search to see what the urban scene is like in AK.

TGR Urban In AlaskaTim Durtschi 180 to the roof of an abandoned building.

TGR Urban In AlaskaNick Martini hitting an urban pillow line.

TGR Urban In AlaskaDurtschi airing out of a broken window.

TGR Urban In AlaskaMartini swap on a bridge rail in Anchorage, Alaska.

TGR Urban In AlaskaTim Durtschi grew up skiing at Alyeska. He tried this rail for the first time when he was 15 years old. With all of the urban crews migrating to Alaska to film this year, the cops have figured out most of the spots and getting busted is a regular occurrence. We didn't get shut down here by cops but we did get shut down by a train conductor.

TGR Urban In AlaskaDurtschi on an avalanche barrier at Alyeska.

TGR Urban In AlaskaClayton Vila early season in Anchorage.

TGR Urban In AlaskaCam Riley downtown Anchorage.

TGR Urban In AlaskaDurtschi sliding a rail on the side of the highway between Anchorage and Girdwood.

TGR Urban In AlaskaMartini sending it off the roof of the Hotel Alyeska.

TGR Urban In AlaskaNick Martini.

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