Unsponsored Content: A Tibial Plateau Fracture and The Death of The Dream

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Unsponsored Content: A Tibial Plateau Fracture and The Death of The Dream
Collin Wheeler

I am a 23 year old lifelong skier from Michigan. Been working in Ski shops since I was 18.

Moved to Driggs, Id in the spring to chase the dream that has been stewing for as long as I remember.
Got two amazing jobs working for Habitat in Driggs and TGR on weekends.

Season was off to a great start, a lot of snow, feeling really strong.

Star Wars Day: 12/18/15 skiing at the Ghee. I was out skiing with my roommate, super heavy snow, skiing pretty slow. Went to set a turn and my left ski just kind of "stuck" and I went OTB.
Heard and felt a "click-click-click-click", landed on my feet and couldn't put any weight on my left knee.
Skiied to the bottom via cat track and could barely get out of my binding. Couldn't even think about standing or walking on it.

Went home for the day, went to ER next day for X ray. They said it was bad, and I probably had a torn ACL underneath what was thought to be a broken Patella. So they called my insurance company to request an MRI for Monday.

I'm still under my parents terrible insurance, so I'm out of network out here. If I leave my parents insurance and go to my own plan I will get a nice fine from Uncle Barry. Insurance wouldn't cover the MRI, so I drove over to a Jackson on Wednesday afternoon and said it happened that day.Took a CT scan and found a tibia plateau fracture. Heart sinking feeling.

Scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit for January 13th just when I was about to purchase an plane ticket i received an email from my landlord...

On December 30th I found out that I am also being kicked out of my condo because it was originally built for "family housing" and the HOA has decided to enforce that again.
My roommate and I have no violations or complaints, get along with our neighbors, who are on the HOA board.
We even told the HOA we were gay to get them to back off. After the president of the HOA examined our Facebook pages he determined that we are not gay, and that he even "knows for a fact" that we have a third person living with us, which is 100% not true.
We were told we need to be out by 1/15/16 or face a $100 fine per day per person that our owner will have to pay.

However, our landlord and property owner are fighting the HOA about this and telling us not to leave.

So now I'm trying to figure out what the next step is, how to take it, and how long it will actually take.

Here's some info on the injury: I can put weight on my hurt leg, walk on it with a crutch, and bend it quite a bit. I am in a thigh high knee brace while at work though. Swelling has gone down a considerable amount, but I have already lost a decent amount of mass in that leg.

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