Toy Soldier Productions' "Come Find Us"

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A brief view of the pre-season footage for "Come Find Us". All action was shot from 10/1/09 to 12/5/09.

"Come Find Us" is devoted to revealing the vast variety of freestyle terrain as well as hidden talent that Montana has to offer. The film seeks to unify freestyle riders in Montana and create a ski and snowboard film displaying our unique lifestyle. We are setting out to break down the walls of the secluded rider community. No one is off limits. The goal of this film is to put Montana on the map of the freestyle world and we would like as many riders as possible to be involved, so if you feel up to the challenge, Come Find Us.

Riders: Collin Collins, Kyle Miller, Luke Tanaka, Todd Kirby, Shay Lee, A.J. Meldahl, Cody Perin, Brock Paddock, Dan Darling, Adrian Pougiales, Eric Gronneberg, Zach Steele, Kevin Fisher, and Cody Earnest

Edtied by: Andy Hahn and Justin Brodin

Shot by: Justin Brodin, Andy Hahn, and Shane Dowaliby

Additional Shots by: Logan Triplett and Chad Dawson

Music: "Lullaby" by: We Plants Are Happy Plants

Photography by: Reid Morth

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