Top 6 Snowboard Flicks We're Stoked On

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Tis the season for snowboard movie trailers, teasers, and tours. As the leaves drop, so do the shred flicks.

Despite several big-budget, highly publicized movies getting their releases pushed to 2016, there's no shortage of soon-to-be-released projects to get you excited for the impending winter. We picked six of our favorites. Here's what made the cut.

#1) Balance, Whistler Creek Productions

DCP and Whistler Creek filmed this labor-of-love movie on a super-tight budget, but still managed to convince some of snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing's most badass characters to make some turns for the camera. The ensemble cast isn't the real reason this flick tops our list. Balance is a true ode to the dirtbag snowboarder (and surfer) lifestyle, calling attention to what really matters in life: happiness.

You can rent or buy this movie from Vimeo On Demand. DCP and company also are currently on tour, show this movie in a city near you.

#2) Degrees North, TimeLine Missions

Xavier de la Rue's collaborations with TimeLine Missions are as compelling as they are scary. Scheduled for October 22 release, this movie will be the awe-inspiring, stomach-churning fruit of their cinematic partnership.

Xavier spent two years filming Degrees North, traveling to the northern-most reaches of Norway and Alaska, camping in sub-zero conditions, and riding death-defying lines. If that's not enough madness for you, it will also be the first film to feature backcountry access via paramotor.

One of the flick's side benefits will be seeing Ralph Backstrom in action. The Squaw Valley local has probably been too busy winning Freeride World Tour stops to pursue a full-time filming schedule, but now it seems his high-speed, technical riding ability will be on display.

#3) Eversince, Absinthe Films

Absinthe Films are as core as core gets. They put out the most badass snowboard movies in the business, and every full part highlights the world's best riders hitting something that goes well beyond the edge of reason.

Eversince is no exception. Check out this cast: Lucas Debari, Nicolas Muller, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Bode Merrill, Austin Sweetin, Manuel Diaz, Jason Robinson, Cale Zima, Garrett Warnick, Matt Schär, Scot Brown, Fredi Kalbermatten, Ozzy Henning, Keegan Valaika, Brandon Cocard, and Max Buri. You've got to be kidding me.

#4) Origins, TransWorld SNOWboarding

This big-budget production focuses on the often-discussed but rarely featured premise that where we ride influences how we ride. Someone at our home mountain pioneered a unique style of riding. Other locals followed suit and expanded on that style. Origins sets out to discover who shaped the riding styles in five locations: Mammoth, Hokkaido, French Alps, Quebec, and Whistler.

The film features three iconic pros from each of the five regions profiled. Kimmy Fasani and the Jackson brothers rep Mammoth. Victor de la Rue, Victor Daviet, and Arthur Longo session booters in the French Alps. Kazu, Teddy Koo, Kohei Kudo shred deep pow in Japan. You get the idea.

#5) Ender Movie: The Eero Ettala Documentary, Red Bull Media House

Eero Ettala has filmed a huge, huge number of full parts in his career. His goal, every winter, is to put out something gnarlier than he did the year before. Upping the ante has taken its toll on the Finnish veteran, who has had to come back from several major injuries in order to continue snowboarding professionally.

Coming out November 2, this Red Bull documentary traces the journey to capture the last video part of Ettala's career. It also pays tribute to one of the most humble, hard-working men in the snowboard industry.

#6) Seasoned, Will Film For Food

Aaron Hooper does it again: all-star roster, deep snow, no pretension. Will Film For Food's movies are just about the passion for snowboarding. They don't focus on anyone person, or get too sponsor-obsessed. It's refreshing.

This year, the director of 2014's pow-slashing flick, Sol Food, partnered with Saas Fe and filmed Terje, Nico, the Stasinos brothers, Sammy Luebke, DCP, Blake Paul, Forrest Burki, Sage Kotsenburg, and Romain de Marchi, among others. Seasoned proves that if you hang out long enough, the snow's gonna come.

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