Top 3 Unique Ski Destinations Across the World

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Going on a skiing trip is arguably the best option for a winter vacation, but for seasoned skids, the usual North American and European destinations can get monotonous. So why not take this year’s ski trip to the next level and explore a part of the world you've never visited whilst still having the chance to hit the slopes? There are hundreds of ski destinations across the world that can offer you something different, but we've picked out our 3 favorite unique ski spots and listed them below.

1. Hakuba

Who knew you could ski in the land of the rising sun? Well, it turns out that Japan is actually a very popular destination in the ski scene, and boasts some of the worlds best resorts, including amazing spots like Hakuba.

Hakuba is located on the island 'Honshu' in Japan and was the location of the 1998 Nagano winter Olympics. Since then, the valley has been growing as a global ski hotspot and features over 10 hotels and resorts. Hakuba is famed for being crowd-less and having good accommodation and friendly staff.

Skiers that visit Hakuba can expect all the usual trappings of a great ski resort, as well as fantastic snowfall and a chance to experience a rich and interesting culture. In addition to all that, Hakuba has a lot to do in the local area, such as seeing snow monkeys bathing themselves in natural hot springs. Plus, Tokyo is only a few hours away by train, so it could also provide a great opportunity to visit one of the most exciting cities in the world whilst you’re there.

2. Whistler

Whistler is one of the most famous Canadian resorts and has some of the most beautiful and varied terrains. It’s great because there really is something for everyone at this resort. It features one of the best ski schools in the business if you are looking to learn to ski or improve your skills.

There's no need to worry about the weather either if you're going to whistler as it boasts one of the longest seasons in the world, spanning from November to May and has lots of heavy snowfall throughout the winter season. And if all that's not enough, Whistler is also apart of the Epic Pass program which offers unlimited skiing across a range of resorts.

3. Perisher

Feel like a ski trip outside of the regular winter season? No problem. There are a ton of southern hemisphere destinations where you can ski whilst it’s still summer in the northern hemisphere. A favorite of many skiers is Perisher in New South Wales, Australia.

Skiing in Oz is truly unique and Perisher is no exception. Perisher is a haven for avid skiers and offers seven different terrain parks and a half pipe. Spanning across 1245 hectares, Perisher is the biggest ski destination in the southern hemisphere and is very popular, with year-round skiers and snowboarders.

Aside from its great slopes and terrain, it also has a fun nighttime scene, with loads of bars and international restaurants to keep you busy.

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