Tips to recover from being sore from skiing or snowboarding

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If you are an avid mountain ski person the thrill of roaming around may be the best experience you must have ever been through. But after the thrill comes the soreness of muscles which can be difficult for you to manage. Also known as delayed onset muscle soreness the ensuing pain causes many skiers to give off their skiing plans completely. However, using simple treatments you can get rid of the soreness and get rid to fly the mountains again. Let us see how.

Painkillers- Invariably the first solution becomes popping a pill right after you come back. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen are two medicine combinations that you can try to remove the pain. However, the soreness may still be there so this method may just be temporary relief.

Icepack- Next could be applying an ice pack for the first three days of your coming back. Ice helps in reducing the inflammation and subsequently the pain. After 72 hours you can change it to a heat pack and soak in a warm water bath. You will get the kind of relief you were expecting to get.

CBD oil-Cannabis oil or CBD oil as it is popularly known helps in reducing the pain experienced. CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors of the body and stimulates them to maintain normal physiology for the same. Buy a pack and follow the instructions given to get immediate relief.

Sports drinks- A pain in your muscles may also be experienced due to an electrolyte imbalance in the body. By drinking sports drinks filled with electrolytes you are actually trying to restore that imbalance. Even during skiing if you consume the same you can stay hydrated and also reduce the muscle soreness.

Heating pad- Regular sessions of applying a heating pad can reduce the inflammation caused. In fact, the heating pad can be applied to wherever you feel the soreness is. You can also take ample rest and relax with your heating pad as that is the most important requirement to let go of the tiredness.

Massage- A frequent massage of your muscles may provide respite but it should be done on a regular basis. You can use any pain-relieving ointment or back massagers for this purpose. With hard hands gently massage the same on the affected portion and leave it there for some time. Once or twice massaging in a day can provide you relaxation provided you also give your muscles the rest they require.

Hitting the slopes is a brilliant idea to break free. However, restricting yourself from doing so just because the soreness scares you is not such a good idea. Follow the above tips to get back in form pretty soon. Also maintaining a regular workout schedule ensures that you may not have to experience the same in high intensity. Whatever it is drink fluids, use the heating pad and you may well be on the path to recovery. You won’t want the pain to come in your way when having some fun with the mountains.

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