Tips for Better Winter Cycling

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Cycling is a hobby that can be done as an exercise and also as a sporting activity, a hobby, on the other hand, is something that you enjoy doing especially during leisure time. If cycling is your hobby no season including winter should stop you from your leisure time activity.

Sometimes cyclists who start riding or pick up the bike after years and learned on a bike that did not have marches which can feel a little confused that's why they can search on the internet prepared bikes infographic about the changes of the bike.

To be in touch with your bike and do winter cycling you have to take your time and go through the following winter cycling tips for an excellent riding experience during the winter season.

1. Proper dressing

Winter is a totally cold season, and you should dress appropriately to be able to overcome the cold, you should wear a helmet to keep your head warm, wear long fingered gloves to keep your hands warm, warm socks are also very crucial and if need be you should wear at least two pairs of socks. Generally, you should dress appropriately to ensure your body is warm.

2. Start warm

You should not start your ride with a chill. In fact, you should take a hot drink preferably in a heated room before you start your ride. Warm start gives you room to ride the bike comfortably.

3. Be visible

Having that it is not common to see cyclists during the winter season, you should wear bright clothing and reflectors to make sure that drivers can see you clearly. Reflectors and set of bicycle lights are important to avoid being knocked down while cycling.

4. Pay attention to the wind

When riding during the winter season, you start your ride with riding against headwind while fresh and not exhausted and finish your ride with a tailwind to push you back home.

5. Ride with friends

Riding is a hobby, and it has not to be boring, it is, therefore, good to ride with friends who you can talk with as you ride. Riding with friends is safer and convenient also.

6. Take care of your bike

Winter season is wet, and you should clean your bike, the chain, the brakes, and wheel rims after every ride and keep your bike indoors till the next trip. This keeps your bike safe and prevents rusting of steel made parts like chain and rims.

7. Plan your route before you start the ride

Depending on the level of coldness in the day you should plan your route properly, avoid roads that have too many debris. On the same note, you should not ride for too long distances as you do during summer, this is because it may get too cold and you get too tired while you are far away from home.

Bike riding is quite enjoyable but during the winter season when the weather is too cold, windy and wet condition you can consider doing some indoor riding before going for outdoor riding.

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