Tibial fracture surfing

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Tibial fracture surfing..

6'2" 234lbs

Fractured my right tibia surfing on Oct 1 2014. I thought it was a soft tissue /ligament damage at 1st.Went to my general practitioner DR .He didn't X-ray it?... said come back in a week (pain severe).I then came back and he referred me to a specialist.He determined nothing except saying maybe it was soft tissue, then we did an X-ray. The Dr told me nothing was wrong with the bone.He said lets do an MRI.After a week waiting for the results they called and said they had discovered a tibial fracture.(Dec 2 2014) So then the only advice they gave was No cast MAX 25% pressure, use crutches and to come back in a month. I propped my leg up with a pillow every night for a month (not recommended if you can tolerate the pain because my leg just got atrophy an froze a bit in that bent position.They told me also that that angle of the bent knee prevents blood flow getting all the way down past the knee.I started psychical therapy two weeks ago.It's great give you confidence.Now its been 3.5 months since injury today 18th of January.I have increased my daily exercise to walking 30 minutes on hilly terrain.I want to surf pretty bad ,tired of watching.Feeling like I might try it next week?Pain is still present but diminished to only a bit. I Can do a surf style push up no problem.I did gain 15lbs,and cant afford more weight gain need to get out there.Physical therapy said maybe 6 to 8 weeks.I'm at week 2. Any advice out there would be aprreciated...

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