This Stale Sandbech Edit Will Give You Snow Envy

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If you're located more or less anywhere in the United States that isn't California or the Pacific Northwest, chances are your local ski hill isn't exactly having a banner year for snowfall to date. We here at TGR send our sincere regards for that fact.

But while much of the U.S. waits for the white stuff to come down, over in Europe, the mountains have been getting absolutely pummeled this season. So much snow has been coming down that the Laax Open in Switzerland a few days back had to cancel its slopesstyle finals.

Ever the opportunist, Stale Sandbech capitalized on the opportunity to ride the huge levels of new snow and showcase his effortless, buttery stile while traipsing through the Swiss Alps. We apologize if witnessing his pure stoke over endless face shots has you feeling a bit of snow envy.

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