Then they will be too late,

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. "And believe me, if the Church finds the Holy Grail, they will destroy it. The documents and the relics of the blessed Mary Magdalene as well." His eyes grew heavy. "Then, smith-was-willing-to-clear-up-a-rumor/ my dear, with the Sangreal documents gone, all evidence will be lost. The Church will have won their age-old war to rewrite history. The past will be erased forever." Slowly, Sophie pulled the cruciform key from her sweater pocket and puma-ferrari-puma-runningpuma-disc-2012-shoes-102-browngrey/ held it out to Teabing. Teabing took the key and studied it. "My goodness. The Priory seal. Where did you get this?" "My grandfather gave it to me tonight before he died." Teabing ran his fingers across the cruciform. "A key to a church?" She drew a deep breath. "This key provides access to the keystone." Teabing's head snapped up, his face wild with disbelief. "Impossible! What church did I miss? I've searched every church in France!" "It's not in a church," Sophie said. "It's in a Swiss depository bank." Teabing's look of excitement waned. "The keystone is in a bank?" "A vault," Langdon offered. "A bank vault?" Teabing shook his head violently. "That's impossible. The keystone is supposed to be hidden beneath the sign of the Rose." "It is," Langdon said. "It was stored in a rosewood box inlaid with a five-petal Rose." Teabing looked thunderstruck. "You've seen the keystone?" Sophie nodded. "We visited the bank." Teabing came over to them, his eyes wild with fear. "My friends, we must do something. The keystone is in danger! We have a duty to protect it. What if there are other keys? Perhaps stolen from the murdered sénéchaux? If the Church can gain access to the bank as you have—" "Then they will be too late," Sophie said. "We removed the keystone." "What! You removed the keystone from its hiding place?" "Don't worry," Langdon said. "The keystone is well hidden." "Extremely well hidden, I hope!" "Actually," Langdon said, unable through-four-complete-seasons-on-the-air/ to hide his grin, "that depends on how often you dust under your couch."

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