The Verge Spotlights TGR & Todd Jones

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Technology site The Verge recently profiled TGR and Todd Jones for their series on innovators in technology to plug Microsoft's OneDrive cloud service. On the heels of profiles of a developer of 3D-printing prostethic lab in South Sudan and a photo editor at National Geographic, The Verge explored the Jones brothers' early days as ski bums who funded their first attempts at aerial cinematography through proceeds of their rough and tumble summers commercial fishing in Alaska, and follows through their efforts to push technology to capture the forefront of action sports in innovative ways.

Since we don't normally have the chance to showcase interesting folk outside the outdoor sports world, you might also enjoy the two other profiles from The Verge:

Pamela Chen - National Geographic Senior Photo Editor

Mick Ebeling - Founder of Not Impossible and Project Daniel

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