The Rituals of Valentine’s Day

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The ritual of celebrating Valentine’s Day dates from the 15th century when lovers expressed their fondest feelings by offering flowers, candy and cards to one another. A century earlier, poet Geoffrey Chaucer’s Parlement of Foules, a dream vision about birds choosing their mates told in rhyme royal stanza, suggested St. Valentine’s Day was significant for lovers.

In the ensuing centuries, the holiday has become much more extravagant, with jewelry, cars, vacations and yes, even homes, serving as tokens of one’s unconditional love and affection shared on this one day of the year.

The challenge for many would-be romantics is to present a gift representing love without appearing showy, ostentatious or, worse of all, desperate. One of your best bets is a Rolex watch, which not only says “I love you,” but it also is practical, symbolic (of the time you have spent together and the many days and years to come) and tasteful.

May I suggest the ladies Rolex Yachtmaster? Delicate. Elegant. Enduring. With its stainless steel with platinum rotating bezel, the Rolex Yachtmaster is both waterproof and scratch-resistant. It also features Rolex’s signature automatic movement, quick-set date as well as a screw-down crown. The bracelet is a stainless steal oyster with a flip-lock clasp so as not to disrupt the flow of the links about her wrist. Imagine how delighted she will be when you present this watch to her on Valentine’s Day morning as a commemorative symbol of the wondrous times you’ve spent together and all the beautiful memories you share and will share in the future.

Of course, you could give her a box of imported Belgian dark chocolates, whisk her off for a weekend in the Barbados or send her a bouquet of two-dozen red roses, but neither of them will last like a Rolex Yachtmaster—or your love.

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