The Pit Viper Venom Is Strong

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Chuck Mumford

Hailing from Alta/Snowbird, Chuck Mumford skis naked and travels in his van. Last spring on a ski touring trip in the Tetons, Chuck broke his pricey, top-of-the-line sunglasses and his search for the indestructible began.

He found what he was looking for in these military grade, adjustable, protective glasses made right here in the U.S.A. Oh, and in case you were wondering, they also happen to be bullet proof. Chuck bought thousands of these glasses, hand paints each pair and transforms them into his own brand of shades that demands respect and authority: Pit Viper.

“Pit Viper is an organic movement,” Chuck said. “The stars aligned the day Pit Viper was born. The glasses met my hands and the alliance was formed.”

The 1993 Pit ViperThe 1993.

In its young life, existing only since the spring of 2012, Pit Viper has caught on fast with a rogue following around the ski industry with its powerful, retro look.

“Pit Viper tickles an era that everyone in snow sports can relate too,” said Chuck. “Pointy tipped skis and snowboards were the jam, and everyone was having a really radical time. It’s very important to keep the fun alive and Pit Viper is dedicated to doing its part.”

Whether he and his team are mobbing the streets of Aspen or getting new product on the website, Pit Viper has arrived. As Chuck puts it, “Pit Viper is hatched but it is still juvenile. This means the venom is very strong.”

Want to get rad with a pair? Check out the different designs and purchase online at If you and your buddies want to custom order, you can do so with a purchase of 10 or more. Look out for Chuck, his van and his Pit Vipers this winter.

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