The Mountain Playground Group Aims to be the Mountain Collective For Homedown Ski Areas

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An fresh Hurricane Ridge slope! Hurricane Ridge photo.

It’s no secret that small ski mountains in the U.S. are closing every year. We’re a part of an expensive industry, and small mountains struggle to charge their local clientele the gobs of money that most of the big resorts charge for a season pass or even a day of shredding. Thanks to the Mountain Rider’s Alliance, there might be a way to make ripping these small, community mountains more enjoyable, while also allowing them to turn a profit!

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Last week, the MRA introduced the Mountain Playground Group. Similar to the Mountain Collective Pass, which lets holders ski multiple days at a variety of big mountain resorts all over the continental U.S. for a discount, the Mountain Playground Group will be sold for only $29 and give the holder discounts on tickets at the participating mountains. Cardholders will also get discounts on rentals, retail items, vacation rentals and other essential aspects of a snow vacation.

Aside from saving people money, mountains participating in the new group will share strategies with one another through regular conference calls, evaluate their opportunities to put on summer events, and re-examine their budgets in an attempt to grow their businesses. These aspects of the Mountain Playground Group will help these small mountains keep their lifts open and continue to play an influential role in the towns where they are located. By purchasing this card you won’t only be saving yourself money, but you’ll also be supporting the local communities that these amazing small mountains are a part of. So if you’re planning a ski vacation or live in the area of one of these mountains, consider buying the Mountain Playground Group pass!

The participating mountains are: Beartooth Basin (Cody, WY), Elk Ridge Ski and Outdoor Recreation Area (Williams, AZ), Hurricane Ridge (Port Angeles, WA), Mt. Abram (Greenwood, ME), Bald Mountain Ski Area (Pierce, ID), and Phoenix Mountain (Grand Forks, British Columbia).

More information about the Mountain Playground Group can be found Here.

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