The Middle/Path Project Episode #2: “Tools of the Trade”

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Mid way through winter, our season was gone in the PNW. With a strong determination to stay off jet planes, we searched for the nearest location with good snow. The forecast in Montana was looking good and we set our sights on Big Sky country, a place with infinite mountains accessible by snowmobiles and manpower. By keeping track of the fuel we consumed on our sleds, We would have more of an idea of how we were affecting the world around us.

One of the biggest challenges we have seen is the outlook on sustainable thinking. The thinking is often: "I drive a car, I create trash, I consume endless products, therefore I can’t care about the planet and how my actions are effecting the world around me." What we were beginning to see on this trip was that the smallest of actions have huge results.

Just being aware of the fuel quantity consumed is a major step. Doubling on a sled, car pooling, or choosing not to fly are enormous steps. On this trip, I averaged 1.25 gallons of fuel in my snowmobile every day–in the end, the same footprint as driving my car 18 miles, which is less than most people commute most days of the week.

These positive actions are the inception to create a sustainable relationship with the planet. We had an amazing crew of friends come together in Montana and we finally got some good snow under our feet. Finding a balance between extremes, we were walking The Middle Path.

Riders: Jonny Sischo, Ryan Tucker, Tyler Morton, Travis Claughton, Sean Fithian, Teddy Schein, Ian Wood, Kurt Jenson, Matt Wainhouse

Film/Edit: Sean Fithian

Additional Filming: Tyler Morton


"Man On Fire" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

"Sleepwalker" by Moon Duo

"Drunk In Love" by Beyonce

Score: Peter Muller

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