The Legit Siberian Snowboard Scene You Never Knew Existed...

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The next time you want to bitch about how cold you are on the chairlift, think about the Joint Snowboards team spending most of their season riding in windy, negative 30 degree temperatures.

Hash Heavens filmmaker Naimyshin Alexey tells the story of how Russian pro snowboarders stay stoked in the Northern Hemisphere's coldest place–Siberia. The subarctic section of Russia, which might never come to mind for us as Westerners as a sherd hot spot, has an astonishing number of ski areas–over 100. Most of them lacking any interconnectivity or infrastructure, so this crew gets creative by jibbing Eastern-block-style apartment complexes and enduring frostbite-inducing winds to access pow faces, tree runs, and cliff drops.

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