The Incomparable Las Vegas Countryside

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Many people travel to Las Vegas for the glitz and gaming but some just go along for the ride. Once you have enjoyed all the attractions and entertainment on The Strip if gaming’s not your thing you may be wondering what else to do. It may appear that Las Vegas is out in the middle of nowhere, which is true and not true because the nowhere contains some of the most beautiful and unique outdoor recreation opportunities in the country. Here are three of the outdoor adventure possibilities in a 20-mile radius of downtown Las Vegas.

Kayaking to the Base of Hoover Dam

After traveling through the Grand Canyon, which it created the Colorado River spills over Hoover Dam and continues its way through Nevada. Most people are content to drive over the dam and maybe stop and look at Lake Mead on one side and the river on the other. You can even take a tour deep into the bowels and see the massive electricity generators, but another way to visit the dam is by kayaking on the Colorado River. You can paddle up close to the massive wall, explore Emerald Cave, and head downriver for a short hike to geothermal hot springs, old-fashioned swimming holes that are like custom pools Las Vegas and see some local wildlife along the banks. This is the most popular section of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area national water trail. If you are an experienced kayaker, you can rent a kayak and take your own tour. Others may appreciate a guided tour. You will find the kayaks just 40 minutes from the Strip.

Mountain Biking the Red Rock Canyon Loop

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is an outdoor adventure wonderland with a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor. The Red Rock Canyon Loop is considered by many mountain bikers to be one of the most beautiful rides in the country. The 20-mile loop starts on Blue Diamond Road that turns into Red Canyon Road and ends at West Charleston Boulevard. For a small fee paid at the visitor center, you can travel 13 more miles past spectacular rock formations, Joshua trees and mountains. There are also some amazing trails around Lake Mead with hills and winding paths that were created by lava flow in the distant past.

Mountain biking isn’t the only outdoor adventure in Red Rock Canyon. You will find rock climbing for experts and beginners, horseback riding and ATV adventures. If you would like to see the beautiful scenery but aren’t up to the activities that are available, there are several scenic drives you can take with pull-outs so you can get out and enjoy the magnificent views.

Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort in Lee Canyon

Winter is a popular time to visit Las Vegas and one of the perks of visiting between Thanksgiving and April is the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort. You will find equipment rental and a cozy restaurant and bar for après ski. Other winter sports available are sledding, tubing and snowshoeing. When weather permits you will enjoy a disc golf course and other summer activities. The resort also offers planned activities for children. You don’t need to choose between a much-anticipated skiing vacation and a fun-filled vacation playing in Las Vegas. Both are possible with the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort in Lee Canyon.

These are three of the most popular outdoor adventures in the Las Vegas area, but they are just the beginning. You can take a helicopter ride and champagne picnic to the Grand Canyon, participate in a muscle car race, get the view of your life in a hot-air balloon or get an adrenaline rush go-kart racing in the fastest go-karts in Las Vegas. With outstanding live entertainment, gaming and world-class outdoor recreation, there is something for everyone in Las Vegas.

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