The Hunt For Likebombs and Sh*t F#%k Conditions

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In his latest expedition, skier Johan Jonsson stumbled into a winning recipe for internet success: find terrible conditions ("sh*t f#%k" conditions in this case) that no one would even bother strap their boots on for and shred the tar out of them for the camera. Then make a joke about only having the balls to go sixty miles an hour over glare ice and bare rock because you're looking for Facebook likes (is the truth much different?). Virality of video gauranteed.

However, in this winter's second expedition for the heart and minds of the internet, nowhere in the Alps seems to produce the epically sh*t-f#%ked conditions Johan was searching for. Instead of wind-blasted and refrozen rime, there's only powder to the eyeballs. No rocks - just powder everywhere. Even if he were to come here to the US, he'd be sorely disappointed to find all the usually spots with icy and crappy conditions - New England, the Mid-Atlantic, even the South - overloaded with fresh powder. It's not easy being pro...

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