The Best Christmas Gifts for Skiers and Snowboarders

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As the holiday season is inching close, the biggest confusion arises when you have to buy gifts for your friends, family and loved ones. While different people have different preferences, universally it is the sporty ones that are the most difficult to shop for. If you have a favorite skier or snowboarder in your life, here are some of the gift options you can pick from.

Dainese Flexagon Back Protector

What can be better the gift of safety and comfort for your darling adventure lover! The Dinesen Flexagon Back Protector jacket is fitted with high quality shock absorbent memory foam which offers extremely stable protection for the back, which keeps the spine safe from injury in any kind of mishap. The shape of the foam pads and the adjustable straps ensure that it fits closely to the body, cradling the back nicely. It fits comfortably under all kinds of clothes, and thus, it does not feel like an awkward additional layer.

Heated snow gloves

Heated snow gloves are a savior for skiers and snowboarders as long hours out in the cold can be insanely uncomfortable and painful for the fingers. Extreme cold can also bring about a feeling of numbness and affect the functioning of the digits, increasing the chances of slip ups. With a good pair of heated gloves, the hands will stay warm. Comfortable leather grip along with a bunch of convenient heat settings will ensure that your favorite sports lover never has cold hands again!


Skating or skiing down those gorgeous slopes and not being able to capture the mesmerizing beauty is a regret many people have. A GoPro is hands down the best gift you can give so that the next time he or she goes down those slopes, there will be plenty of beautiful pictures and videos to remember it. It is also extremely useful for every kind of trip that the person might take, making it perfect for travel enthusiasts. With every memory it records or captures, you will be remembered with extreme fondness. This is a gift which will be cherished forever.

A travel mug

A hot cup of coffee in the freezing cold is a slice of heaven! This is the coolest gift this season as a cute and handy mug can also be a savior after a hectic skiing or snowboarding session. The vacuum lock helps it keep a beverage hot for over seven hours, making it extremely useful on those cold mountains. One can store his or her hot beverage and consume it after a session or late at night without having to bother with heating up. Its protective spout cover design is perfect to prevent the contamination of germs and the cool look of the flask will ensure that your favorite one will definitely flaunt it on his or her next trip.

A precious gem

Diamonds might not be the best investment plans as explains, but it is definitely a gift which will make your adventure lover happy and the best thing is that it is absolutely perfect for everyone be it a parent, sibling, friend or lover. Your adventure lover might not have needed it but it is definitely something that will stay close to his or her heart and you will be remembered with every sparkle! You can even get a customised black diamond for the one who loves a mean Black Diamond skiing trail!

With this guide, this Christmas you will not be lost for gift ideas. Buy something beautiful and functional and spread the holiday cheer!

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