The Benefits Of An In Car Camera/Car Black Box

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With car insurance always seeming to be on the rise in this day and age, insuring your car has become a real struggle for people of all ages and particularly teenagers.

However, there are ways of bringing down your over priced insurance premiums and one of these ways is to install a car black box. Research has shown fitting a clever little box can bring down your premiums by over £400.

Now, many people have a misconception of in car cameras because people think it’s taking the fun out of driving and interfering with people's privacy. But, how does this exactly take the fun out of driving? because you can’t speed? Well if this is the case, maybe you could do with one of these cameras to stop you from breaking the law and if you don’t break the law you won’t get into any trouble, plus if you have one of these devices fitted to your car and if anyone ever crashes into you for speeding, you will have the proof the accident wasn’t your fault proving you were the victim.

In terms of the privacy situation, the cameras focus on the road in front of you and don’t record audio, so, none of your juicy conversations and gossip will get shown to the police and insurance companies!

These cameras are also a huge help if you have to drive abroad and don't quite know the local roads or how the locals behave behind the wheel of a vehicle, and lets face it if you've ever been abroad and took a ride of a local taxi driver, I'm sure you'll agree its like being in the passenger seat of a highly experienced F1 driver! With this being the case you often have to have the reflexes of Hawkeye.

The whole point of these cameras is to help keep everyone protected from the crash for cash claims and not to spy on you, incredibly in some cases videos have been filmed of people jumping onto peoples bonnets hoping to make a claim to earn some easy cash.

I honestly believe in car cameras are the future of motoring, and I realise not everyone will like the idea of these devices but when you think of the benefits they could have over the years of your driving life, there really is nothing to lose, and they really are a worthwhile investment.

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