TGR's IPRW Workshop Gets Underway

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jeremy jones wrapping body.jpg

If Jeremy Jones is handling the rescue, you know you must be pretty pro. IPRW 2012.

One of the most well-hammered points in Bruce Tremper's book Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain is that the ability of a skier to shred rowdy terrain far exceeds their ability to manage risk in that terrain and their ability to handle the situation when shit hits the fan. TGR's International Pro Riders' Workshop presented by seeks to address that skill set discrepancy by training the film athletes and cinematographers to develop practiced rope work skills, wilderness first aid and extraction, and snow safety and group dynamics in avalanche terrain. The hope is that when TGR's crews are out in "the field" - film dude code term for film locations like Austria, Alaska, and even down the street on the Grand Teton - they're able to manage the kinds of risks the people at the top of the food chain of gnar tend to face.

Over the course of the following week, we hope to relay to you some basic lessons from the IPRW workshop about how to stay smarter, safer, and more effective in the backcountry this winter, including:

Rope and Pulley Work

Zahan Billimoria from Exum Mountain Guides - the same radical fellow who guided Griffin Post to the top of the Middle Teton in Way Of Life and Jeremy Jones and Bryan Iguchi to the top of the Grand Teton for the upcoming film Higher, will be teaching all kinds of techniques for using ropes in steep angle terrain, both for entry and exit and for mountain rescues. We'll be transmitting some of the Z's lessons directly to you.

WFA First Aid

Denali medic Dave Weber will be going over basic and advanced wilderness first aid techniques on the second day, with an emphasis on identifying, stabilizing, and transporting the injured in steep terrain. We'll be learning how to use ropes to build splits and litters and to transport patients both uphill and downhill. We hope to relay a few basic lessons about managing an injured member in your party in the backcountry.

Snow Safety and Outside Scenarios

craig gordon utah avi.jpg

Craig Gordon from the Utah Avalanche Center schools the crew on snow safety. IPRW 2012.

TGR's Lead Guide Kent Scheler will be conducting the final day of the workshop with a rehash of snow safety techniques including digging snow pits to evaluate the snowpack, group rescue theory, probing and shoveling techniques, and the classic beacon test. Will Tim Durtschi beat the 2012 workshop of finding two beacons in 1:41? We'll let you know.

We'll also be catching up with TGR athletes, gleaning war stories from our guides and medics, and pulling all kinds of other stories from the workshop. Is there anything you'd like us to explore while we're here with 35 of TGR's top athletes, guides, medics, and cinematographers? Let us know in the comments...

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