Story by Lily Krass 2019.04.10

TGR Tested: Moment Sierra

"The Sierra nails the balance on playfulness and stability which isn’t easy to do. It’s a versatile ski I’d take all over the resort.” - Samantha Hall

Moment Sierra
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The Moment Sierras are kind of like that friend you can take to any party and find her immediately holding court at the keg—bubbly, confident, and capable of navigating some seriously awkward social situations. Moment’s colorful topsheets and unique sidecuts are often quick to spark chairlift chats, but their freeride-oriented skis have at least a full tram ride’s worth of tech to cover. Classic rocker with a carbon-reinforced wood core makes for one of the most versatile skis out there. Seasons inevitably have highs and lows, but the Sierra is one of those skis that can make the best of any day on the hill, be it a dismal February drought, a surprise overnight dusting, or high-speed corn laps right under the chair.



Although easy on the eyes, the Moment Sierra is more than just a pretty face. Aspen and pine deliver a smooth yet lively feel underfoot, complimented by a fiberglass and carbon fiber composite that ups the stiffness and gains your trust on puckering drops and occasional Chinese Downhill races. The rockered tip and tail let you slide and smear buttery turns wherever you damn well please, and Moment’s triple camber tech (low camber underfoot with extra camber in front of and behind the bindings) allow solid edge control when you hop onto a blown out groomer. A single ski in the 172cm length weighs in at 1615 grams so you’ve got some body underfoot without compromising the easy turn initiations that make the Sierra such a blast to tip on.


This is a ski that’s looking to have fun. Playfulness and stability can be a hard balance to strike, but testers were impressed with how well-rounded the Sierra felt on groomers and variable snow alike. Not afraid of a little air, the Sierra has a healthy spring to it that pops like a dream off cattracks and booters and lets you sail off drops without thinking twice. If keeping two skis on the ground is more your thing, the Sierras feel surprisingly solid while carving and held up well on windscoured surfaces and bulletproof slopes. Across the board, testers rated this ski as one of the most versatile resort skis, a solid choice for almost every day of the season. “I had a really solid edge while turning and tons of stability on landings,” said tester Sloane Gordon. “The pop in the tails and tips make them really easy to get in the air and I had a ton of confidence in all terrain types.”

Photo by: Eric Parker

Who's it for?

While the 95 - 99mm waist might not make the cut for a full-on powder day, testers agreed that the Sierra was a killer in-bounds option for freeride skiers looking to have a good time all over the hill. “They’re not too wide to be overpowering for a newer skier, but wide enough for a little fresh snow,” said tester Samantha Hall. “They’re stiff enough for an advanced skier but still have enough pop to keep things light and fun.”

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