TERMINAL CANCER COULOIR with James Buehler and Croshane Hillyard

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Filmer Croshane Hillyad and my self cruised out to the infamous Terminal cancer couloir to try our luck in one of Nevada's best lines.. We were hoping for about 6 inches of fresh untouched snow in the couloir.. When we arrived we discovered someone had already boot packed straight up the middle and rode it. We were a little bummed that we wouldn't be getting the best riding/shots as one run though such a narrow hallway usually ruins all of the snow. But, thats nothing new in the world of chasing couloirs. After skinning up to the apron and boot packing a little ways up the chute we noticed that whoever had set the boot pack didn't go all the way to the top! The top 1/3 was still fresh!!Stoked!! We made the best of it! Croshane made some fresh turns, I even got to hold the throttle open for and untouched section of the top (check the POV. Such a cool feeling) We even shot some film and a long angle!

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