Targeting the Correct Audience for Your Ski Film

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As a filmmaker, it's not enough to be able to create your film, you must also be able to market your films to the general public. Most filmmakers neglect to think about who their target audience is when creating a film. It's important to re-evaluate your target if your answer is that you want to market to everyone or have an extremely large age group you're trying to attract.

Avoid Broad Targeting

Unless you're a major movie studio, you don't have the marketing budget to try and create a movie that appeals to everyone. You're better off narrowing your focus, and that's going to mean you have to do more than narrow it down by age and gender. Think about specific niche groups to market to, and you're more likely to end up on the winning end of things. When you have a specific niche to market your film to, you can begin to find a list of print publications that cater to your niche. This list can go a long way toward getting promotion and recognition for your ski film.

Think Outside the Box

The goal is to eventually get a distributing deal for your films. However, most distribution deals are not very good and you're still going to need an effective following to market your film. Consider novel approaches like using closed captioning services to provide closed captioning in your movie for the hearing impaired. This is a largely underrepresented group, and having closed captioning available for hearing impaired audiences can drastically increase the groups that may be interested in marketing your video.

Try to get creative and think about the types of people who would be interested in seeing your film. Remember, you're not trying to bring in the masses, you're trying to build a devoted and loyal following of fans that serve as a constant marketing machine to further promote your films. A loyal following with fans that really want to understand your work is far more important and useful than a film that aims to please everyone. If you don't have the budget to create a blockbuster, you're more likely to fall short of your goals.

Know Your Community

Look at your local newsstand for publications that might be of interest to people in your area. Talk with people who sell these publications and describe your type of film. Ask the clerk to give you their input on the type of magazine they would expect to see your film. You might be surprised to find the answer. Clerks in more intimate settings like newsstands tend to know a lot about their customers. They have to sell only the magazines and publications that their customers want, and you can quickly eliminate a large faction of possibilities just by looking at what they have available.

When you find a publication that fits your film's content, make sure to look up all of the similar publications and reach out to these publications. Ask them to forward you information about the demographics of their customers. From here, you can study this information and really get to know what your audience loves. Once you know your niche, you can begin to think about creating films that cater to that niche.

Defining Your Target Audience

Once you get the information you need about your audience, it's time to start narrowing things down to an easily definable image for your audience. For example, you may find that the people who watch your films are young, professional adults who love watching movies at home. This lets you know that if you get a distribution deal, you may be more apt to make more money by skipping the cinema altogether. Define your target audience, detail what makes your ski film different than all the others and provide a reason why your audience should devote time to watching your film. If you can be specific about your goals, it will make it easier to cater your film to the right people.

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