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The guys over at Prospect Snow and Wake have been cranking up the vibes from their factory home in Madison, Wisconsin. Specifically T.J. Homan who might be the hardest working snowboarder both in and out of the bindings.

TJ, who is featured in the edit below knows the ins and outs of snowboarding. As you'll see he knows what it takes to make a proper edit that even a portion of the TGR freeride community can appreciate. More so, he also has helped us build boards right here in the factory. He has edged more bases, line up more cores, and cut more flash than most anyone in this network.

Most of all, he brings snowboarding at the core to life. In a time where the snow industry is a little roughed up on several fronts, TJ organizes man and machine to create a scene here in Wisconsin and pushes awareness.

While Prospect is a smaller indie factory in a place that doesn't always hit the center of attention in the snow and wake world, guys like TJ forward the sport to reach new eyes.

Stop by and see the snowboards, wakeboards, and skis we make at Prospect www.prospectsnowboards.com

TJ Homan // 2 Years from Irregular Folk on Vimeo.

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