Surprise Snow Storm Hits Las Lenas Overnight.

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Locals in Las Lenas, Argentina awoke this morning to a surprise snow storm bringing upwards of 15 inches to the upper mountain and 8 inches to the base area. Most forecasts were only calling for a light dusting between July 6-7. Gotta love an unexpected foot of new snow in early July.

The bases are slowly building down here and the season is just getting started. Hopefully July brings more powder to the Andes and the legendary backcountry of Las Lenas can begin to open for August and September.

Local Las Lenas guide Pedro Crespo sent us some photos from this morning of ski instructor Renata Bellini taking in a perfect bluebird powder day in the Andes.

Las Lenas offers more skiable terrain than Whistler, B.C. and is known for steep lines and a booming night scene. Learn more on

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