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Travis “T-Bird” Eliasen is a full-time guide for Silverton Mtn. While down for the epic Bariloche season this summer, T-Bird pulled the Surface New Lifes out of the quiver and never returned them.

T-Bird crushing pow in the Bariloche backcountry back in August

What? You say you hate Argentine lift lines. The pure chaos, people stepping on your skis and then slamming the bar on top of your head a milli-second after finally loading. Well, Surface Skis out of SLC has come up with the answer with the New Life ski. This summer, when I rolled up to the lift, Brazilians, Portenos and Uruguayans would start talking. ”Que Gigante!” “Mira, los dos tablas de snowboard!” Then the line would part like the red sea and before I could say “mas fernet, por favor” I would be cruising back towards the pow stashes.

Big, fat pow skis are still fairly rare in South America and attract a lot of attention. The New Life’s didn’t dissapoint. With dimensions like 156-120-135 and a crazy looking progressive rocker design they are hard to miss. The SASS crew mounted up a pair for the Brian “Angel-One”‘s Demo Center this summer, but they rarely left my sight and were instead held hostage in my closet. The ski was really light, for how big it was, and really playful. They managed the entire mountain really well and survived every type of snow Argentina could throw at us. I really the liked the stiffness of the ski as well. While most rockered skis seem to suffer from whiskey dick on the hard stuff, the Surface’s were stiffer than morning wood.
Bottom line, if Argentine badass Mauri Cambilla can rock these sticks then they are all right with me. So, Surface, how about sending a pair down to Silverton this winter so I can continue to do some more “product testing.”
Travis “Tbird” Eliasen
Surface New Life Ski (tested size: 191 cm)

Dimensions: 171 cm: 151/122/151 - 181 cm: 151/122/155 - 191 cm: 151/122/151 Radius: 171 cm: 15.5 - 181 cm: 16.5 m - 191 cm: 17.9
Weight (per set): 171 cm: 9.1 lbs - 181 cm: 9.8 lbs (set) - 191 cm: 10.3 lbs (set)

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