Step Inside TGR's Badass Alaska Backcountry Base Camp

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Ever wanted to know how we shoot our films in the most remote regions of the world? It takes a lot, from coordinating athletes, cinematographers, guides, and pilots to ensuring the best snow conditions possible and, at times, doing it entirely off the grid. Here at Fantasy Camp 2.0–our remote base camp nestled deep in the Alaskan backcountry–we're shooting for our new ski and snowboard film without a single connection to the outside world.

That means solar panels to charge cameras, laptops, hard drives, and drones to winterproof tents that can stand the harshest weather on the planet to a full-time cook that keeps the entire crew fueled for big days in the mountains. And yes, even a dedicated sauna tent. There's no roughing it when it comes to TGR.

With this new interactive feature, you can step right inside the different structures that make up Fantasy Camp, getting an inside view as to how we operate, what equipment we use for skiing and filming, how meals are handled, and yes, how we have a working sauna in the middle of the backcountry. Enjoy!

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