Springsplitting in Romania - A Short Story

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After what seemed to be a totally failed season, with little to no snow, spring is finally here. My brand new ACL (that would be the anterior cruciate ligament - not some brand new splitboard :D), is dying to go shred the valleys as we always do this time of the year. So we do what any responsible individual would do in this situation - we pray for snow. Truth be told, unlike any year, we had our equipment readied, took some avalanche courses and a basic life support course. So the lack of snow actually gave us the chance to study. And then, just when we were about to put our stuff away in the attic, it came. And oh boy oh boy, were we happy.

The first run was epic. We have skied Malinului Valley before, but it was never like this. All of the signs said not to go, the avalanche risk was high enough as it was, and by the time we reached the entry it was pretty warm. But it looked amazing, we just had to go at least half way. And by that point we noticed this huge avalanche that had already triggered the day before ripping the canyon below, so that made it safe to go all the way, even though the snow was mostly hard to ride slush.

A week later I made some new friends that I had only met online and we went on Cerbului Valley together. Again, the weather was excellent. And we descended along side Happy, the dog.

After some not-worthy-to-mention attempts on White Valley, we had one valley left to ski in order to complete our yearly checklist - Morarului Valley. But this time, it was the long way up. No longer did the cable car work and we had to find our way around the mountain. After a good couple-of-couple of hours of skinning, we managed to reach Omu Peak. We knew we would find the best snow here, even though it was getting warm. The north facing valleys always have more of the white stuff and this was no exception. One cup of tea and down we go, to the place I teared my ACL in the first place.

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