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While others fight tooth and nail for the last scraps of powder at some of the other Wasatch resorts, I leisurely meander around my resort finding ample freshies. Solitude ski resort has been a hidden gem for many years. Some of the crusty old dudes you ride the lifts up with will tell you about the days of yore when they had the mountain to themselves. “I cant complain” I tell them.

Well that has been my stance for years anyway, now I’m not so sure. I actually feel kind of whiny. With Deer Valley’s recent accusation of my coveted resort it’s only a matter of time till I am one of the old crusties belligerently boasting of how we used to “find freshies into the wee hours”.

Deer Valley is en excellent resort and I have no problem with their operation, but the reason Solitude has kept me coming back year after year is their mom and pop, laid back feel. I occasionally want my every desire catered to but that is the exception not the rule. I’m afraid that after this year solitude will become one of the 5-star destination resorts that only Deer Valley could afford, or request.

So why now, after all these years of telling no one of my secret stash would I make this avowal to the entire world? The answer is simple. This may be the last truly epic year at Soli and I want to share it with you all. If you are fast enough to catch this post take the grand you saved up for a ski pass this year and buy a new quiver, take your loved one out to a nice dinner, then take what is left and purchase the mid week pass to Soli. You wont regret it. 5 days a week of excellent skiing, leave the 2 crowded days for the tourists and students, and enjoy a mountain experience that you will not likely see again in the Wasatch.

Kevin Gmitro (Owner of The Gear Room)

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