Snowboarding life via an engineering career

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I spent the better part of a decade getting my degrees in Mechanical Engineering and building my professional experience so I could move from Minnesota to Colorado and pursue the lifestyle I had dreamed of for so long. I get to use my brain by day designing medical devices, the rest of the time I get to go explore these amazing Rocky Mountains! Whether I'm snowboarding, camping, mountain biking, hiking, or whatever else in the mountains, my career allows me to live the life I love. I have money to create a happy and sustainable home (by my own standards), and I get to play in the mountains on the regular. It was a long hard road to get here, but every time I find myself peering out over the earth from atop a mountain, I am thankful for my stick-to-itness and the fortune I've had.

This winter I accomplished a long-time snowboarding goal, hence the picture. I rode the Big Couloir at Big Sky. It may not be a big deal to some, but it was to me. I had first laid eyes on it when I was 15 or 16 and never thought it'd be possible. Last winter I finally had the opportunity to ride it - and it was damn amazing! Can't wait to keep finding challenges like that now that I have the ability to snowboard 'real terrain' more often. Life is good.

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