Snowboarder Nick Visconti wins Bear Mountain's Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails

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Nick Visconti is a longtime friend of Windells Snowboard Camp. He was a camper when he was a kid and now each summer he comes to camp to host a Team Session, where he is dedicated to sharing his experience snowboarding with campers. He's always a pleasure to have at camp. Even more, Nick is a talented snowboarder who threw down a heavy video part in this year's Think Thank film, Right Brain Left Brain. If that wasn't enough to get his 2010/11 season off and running, Nick decided to go down to Southern California last weekend and take first in Bear Mountain's annual season-kick off contest, Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails. Nick took a second to give a quick inside look at his experience at Bear.

Congratulations for kicking off your season by grabbing first at HDHR last weekend at Bear! How was the scene at the contest?

It was HELLA sick. I say hella with emphasis because Southern Cali people hate on our NorCal vocab. Hella good people. Hella sick set up. Hella love and good vibes.

Besides winning, what was the best part of the weekend in SoCal?

Connecting and reconnecting with people. I met a lot of snowboard industry people I hadn't before. I reconnected with a ton of great long distance friends. Relationships is what it's about--I get stoked to maintain and create new ones. We are all 'boarders and can connect there, but it's amazing to explore different realms of relationships, once we establish a friendship.

Any good celebration stories from the afterparty?

Well I bought the largest bottle of "soda" I have ever purchased! It was a green bottle and tasted like licorice. it was my civil responsibility to provide for my loved ones.

You pulled off a banger video part in "Right Brain Left Brain" and just opened up with a big contest win...the 2011 season is off and running for you, what are your plans between now and when the snow starts flying?

Thank you. I truly believe in the stimulation of the brain and reinspiring my mind, so I am in school studying philosophy and speech communication in the fall. I will just be rehabing and inspiring all aspects of life. mental, physical, spiritual.

What was your playlist of songs in your ears while you were riding?

Playlist? Uhhh how about one song on repeat. Lady Gaga "Bad Romance".

You're well versed in the evolution of rail riding...if you had to predict some of the rail trick trends and what not for this coming season, based on the past weekend, any guesses?

I am actually really stoked on where snowboarding is going right now. I think the trends are phenomenal: creativity and wierdness. We all have it cooped up in us somewhere. People are really tapping into their minds to get wild. I love it.

And lastly, you made the trip down from Tahoe with a couple of friends...what are the necessities you need for an awesome road trip?

- 5 bros who think "dirty" is the trendy style right now

- 2 books of riddles and car games

- 1 promise for hot babes

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