Snowboarder Cabin + 40 Acres of Private Backcountry in the California Mountains

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If you're like many of us, at some point you've probably wondered what it would be like to have your own little cabin up in the mountains. Nobody to bother you, just you and the snow. Wake up, ride, go to sleep. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

Well, snowboarder Mike Basich can tell you exactly what it's like. Because after years of riding for sponsors in competitions, the legend himself cashed it all in to live simple.

Basich said as a youngster he was on the scene early, channeling his epilepsy and counter-culture upbringing into drive and rawness on the slopes.

He was making about $140,000, bought a 4,000 sq. ft. house, and a nice car. But he wasn't happy. In his words, he was chasing the American Dream, but ended up feeling disconnected from nature and what matters.

That's when he decided to downsize and live simple (sound familiar?). He was inspired to build his tiny cabin up in the mountains. Completely off grid, it runs on minimal solar, water from a stream and heat from a wood stove. It doesn't even have an indoor toilet, but still has a hot tub (hey, priorities right?).

He sleeps in a loft, takes a shower in the corner that has rocks, and bathes in the sunlight pouring in from his 2 enormous south facing windows. Not a shabby setup. Oh yeah, and he has his own lift, with 40 acres of backcountry terrain to ride.

Call him an inspiration or whatever you want, but he's living the life he wants, and having an awesome time doing it. Check out more of Mike's story here, or follow his adventures on Instagram.

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