Smith Optics' Top 3 "Great Days" Videos

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#1: Timmy Reyes Surfing The PNW

Surfer Timmy Reyes turned away from the pro surf circuit in recent years, choosing instead to invest his water time hunting down the barely-known big wave breaks of the Pacific Northwest. Empty coastline, little local beta, freezing temps, and often great whites make the PNW surf experience a lonely and fickle endeavor, but Reyes manages to pull into some beasts all the same.

#2: Melissa Arnot in the Himalaya

Melissa Arnot has summited Everest five times–more than any other American woman. Her Great Days episode follows her time in the Himalayas highest peaks. It still blows me away than anyone would bother hiking a mountain if not to shred powder, or a bike, on the way down, but it only adds to the esteem with which I hold those that choose to walk up... and then walk down again.

#3: Mountain Bike Chillan, Chile

The Smith bike team was down in Chile for the EWS Enduro race last fall, and the race footage showed a wild variety of trails, from moon rock volcanic and dusty alpine terrain to slotted gullies in the forests that rode like pinball machines. Throw a guy like Yeti rider Joey Schusler into that mix and you're bound to turn on with some beautiful riding.

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