Small Group Heli Skiing; The Way Forward

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Small Group Heli Skiing; The Way Forward

By Aaron Whitfield, Terrace, B.C.

Small group heli skiing at Northern Escape Heli-Skiing in Terrace, BC, means you and three to five buddies are flying together in an A-Star or Koala helicopter. With nearly 1.8 million acres of terrain for your exclusive use, it’s a skier/boarder’s paradise.

Imagine yourself at the top of a mountain on a blue bird day with fresh snow, your guide, your key group of ski buddies, and no one else. Your guide points out the untracked fall line below you. You scope it out and look at your buddies with a knowing grin; it’s all yours! You hit your epic line and look back at the sweet S-turns that mark the best run of your life. Welcome to small group heli skiing at Northern Escape. Over and over again, every run, all day. Fresh tracks, no crowds, just you and your buddies chasing your guide down the mountain. Get to the bottom and jump in the waiting helicopter for a short flight up to a new peak for the next, “best run of your life.”

Northern Escape is exclusively small group heliskiing, which makes it easier to create cohesive groups with similar ability levels. With Unlimited Vertical, you ski as much as you can without the herd mentality. When at a Cat or Heli Ski operation with 12 guests per group, a commonly heard phrase at the bottom is, “Hey man, you stole my line!” That’s when you learn that it’s only your line when you are looking back up at it. With a small group, there are plenty of fresh lines for everyone.

There is also the lodge experience to consider. At Northern Escape’s Yellow Cedar Lodge, they cater to a maximum of 18 guests at a time, leading to an intimate lodge atmosphere. There is a high staff to guest ratio, which results in great customer service where everyone knows your name. As many happy guests can attest, small group heli skiing is the way forward.

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