Skiing Magazine scales back Print Operations

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Skiing MagazineOne of the top voices in the Ski industry is facing the woes all mainstream media are facing. Skiing magazine officially announced a change in publishing strategy. They will likely decrease their issues from 6 to 2 a year, with one concentrating heavily on gear. ESPN interviewed former Editor-in-Chief, Jake Bogoch, about the magazines recent developments:

"Skiing's decision to revamp its publishing strategy follows a subtler but no less significant about-face on the content side. Bogoch was hired two years ago to return the publication to its hard-core roots. "They hired me to make Skiing less mainstream, to make it appeal to a more hard-core skier," he told ESPN. He and his staff tried to transform the magazine into a more photo-driven publication that did a better job covering ski culture -- more like Powder, he said."

ESPN also reports that the company will certainly be looking into digital avenues for their content. Seeing as that business model hasn't been quite perfected, it seems things might get interesting for one of the top publications out there. What do you think? Can skiing publications survive amid a climate of failing publishing houses? Sound off in the comments.


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