​Ski Resort Tips: What To Look For Before Getting A Season Pass

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Skiing is a great outdoor activity, and a great mountain will have perks beyond the slopes. Before you pay for a season pass at your favorite ski resort, do a little investigation. Here's what to look for before you get a season pass at a ski resort:

Signs of A High Quality Resort

Not all ski resorts are created equal. Although a lodge atmosphere may lead some people to believe that ski resorts should be old fashioned, this is not the case. A high quality resort will have been maintained and upgraded throughout the years. It should have state of the art facilities, ski resort software, and equipment service.

When the powder is perfect, you won't want to leave the mountain to run an errand. You also want to be able to check the conditions from the comfort of the lodge or your room. Choose a ski resort that provides amenities and service you'll be happy to use even if you don't hit the slopes. Because sometimes you just want to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and a good book by the fire. And other times weather conditions change rapidly and you'll need something to occupy your time.

Bigger Isn't Always Better

It can be tempting to choose a big, popular ski resort as a place for your season pass. But keep in mind that bigger resorts mean bigger crowds. If you plan to use your season pass on weekends, holidays, and other popular vacation times, choosing a smaller ski resort will provide you with a better experience. You'll enjoy lower crowds, better conditions, and a more relaxed atmosphere.

New Lifts

You don't want to spend your entire day waiting for the ski lift. Between long lines and slow lifts, you can miss out on half the fun. Newer lifts should be a top priority when choosing your home base for skiing. You'll get in more runs and spend less time waiting. Plus, you're less likely to get stuck mid-lift with newer, better lift boarding strategies.

Distance From Home

How much time and money it will cost for a visit to your ski resort should be a consideration. Even if the season pass is a great deal, lodging, food, and transportation can quickly add up. If you live near a ski resort, choose one that's easy to get to in the snow. If you live far away, look for a ski resort that fits your budget so you can maximize your runs this winter.

Higher Quality Facilities

You may decide you want more than mountains, ski technology, and lifts. Some people want the full resort experience at their selected ski location. There are so many top ski resorts that offer amazing amenities. You can choose a ski resort that has a full spa, gym facilities, multiple dining options, and other perks like nightly fireworks and helicopter rides. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to luxury ski resorts. So choose the facilities that matter most to you. And don't overlook the locker room.

No matter which ski resort you choose, make the most of your season pass by planning frequent trips. If you're a local, get a few runs in before or after work. If you're traveling to visit the slopes, plan a few long weekends to enjoy before the sun comes out again. Ski resorts are great places to meet people, bond with your family, or have a romantic getaway. You'll enjoy the frosty air, elevation, and exhilaration that come with being a member at a ski resort.

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