Shredding On Curly-Whirly Bars?

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Chris Akrigg is a UK-based mountain biker who has developed a little bit of a reputation for being able to do insane trials bike-style lines along the lines of the infamous Danny MacAskill, except on bikes not engineered for the task at all. Trial Trails (below) set the pace at Akrigg bunny-hopped his way over fences in the English countryside on a full-suspension trail bike, and his latest video, CHRISSCROSS, takes it a step further with the Englishman absolutely shredding trails on a fully-rigid cyclocross bike - basically a road bike with sort-of knobby tires and disc brakes.

"It has to be one of the purest forms of off-road riding," Chris said on his Vimeo page. "You're still essentially riding a beefed up road bike with skinny tyres and no suspension making every rock, root, rut and discarded Duvel bottle a potential nightmare! A lot to be learned technically from riding a cross bike, have to be on point 110% of the time."

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