Should I ski Chili/Argentina this coming September/October?

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Hello TGR community, I am currently traveling the world and am in Italy as I write this. I have been traveling for the past 6 months, and for nearly all of it have been chasing summer around the globe. I am starting to get sick of the heat and am craving some powder/mountains/snow in general. The next leg of my journey is to SE Asia, but I am contemplating opting out of this and skiing South America instead for a month. I've seen report after report of Chili getting hammered by snow, and it's all too tempting. Does anyone know whether this El Nino pattern will continue through the last part of September/Beginning of October? I am in desperate need of some slashes, but don't want to arrive late to the party. If anybody has any experience with the South American ski season and the weather pattern currently happening, could you lend me some insight as to whether or not I should pull the trigger and buy a ticket down there? Thanks in advance for any who reply!

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