She came late!! But when she did she came hard… Start to Winter 2014/15

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Well Winter 2014/2015 left us hanging for quite a bit there. There was some early season snowfall in October and November but as always early season snow usually foretells of hard times come December. It all changed in the space of about 5 days. With a mini dump on the way I headed into the mountains for the first time this year and man were my legs weak. The snow was pretty marginal and all in all it was just about sliding around a bit.

Can't get much better than this can it?

Then out of nothing came a really cold and dry system. It stated snowing and just did not stop for 3 days. Cold light dry powder… Everywhere!

So I headed out, skied some great POW, explored a new area for the first time. Found fun tree runs, pillow lines and a multitude of faceshots. What more can you ask for as a skier coming home to green fields on the 23.12 to trenching pits by the 29.12. Most photos and Video was a crap shot because intense from was rolling in and out all day. Plus all I really wanted to do was schralp POW.

montafon 4

OOOHH Yea First tracks right under the lift!

montafon 3

Shaking my head and smiling… Too much STOKE!

montafon 6

Tree Slalom!

montafon 9

Cant wait to hit this on Sunday again. (Photo: Christoph Loerke)

That pretty much it for now… Took a hit on Sunday giving my self a nice fat bruise on my thigh so taking a rest day even though its blue bird out touch decision but the snow pack is still super sketchy and knowing myself I know when the stokage is high it is easy to make bad decisions.

Till next time may the POW be with you!



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